Paying homage to exciting & creative women in the industry

Female Fashion Collective wants to open a debate about who designs, portrays and presents womenswear fashion. In an industry almost exclusively aimed at female consumers, the majority of women's fashion is still designed and photographed by men.

If fashion is considered as a form of self-expression, does it make a difference if women are guided and inspired by how men dress and portray them? Is there even a difference between the male and the female gaze? Does the predominance of the male interpretation have an impact on how women see themselves, dress and express themselves?

FFC wants to challenge the predominance of the stereotypical male gaze by discussing openly about a proverbial glass ceiling, when it comes to women reaching the very top of fashion photography and design. How can it be that so few women are at the very top of the industry?

The platform aims to establish a pantheon of inspiring female role models, who create (designers), portray (image makers) and present (models) womenswear fashion. Let's reach an enlightened gaze considering, including and respecting both, the male and female perspective.

We invite all to discover, grow, learn and be inspired!

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