Can you remember when and where you were scouted? How old were you? 

I was around 16, in Falmouth doing a charity fashion show for a friend who was graduating and had made a collection. Sophie Anderton, a british model was also there and scouted me.

What is the earliest memory of a model burnt into your mind? 

When i had to move into a model apartment with 4 bunk beds in 1 room and was like oh god, is this it? Did i sign up for this forever?

Can you tell me an iconic model whose work you got very fascinated by? — What did you feel when looking at images of them? 

I’m a big fan of the 90s gals, Brooke Shields for Calvin Klein type stuff. I wish i was around in that era!

Do you think the “male gaze" is a myth? 

No, I think it’s been around from day 1, but women are starting to embody themselves instead of playing up for a man, and slowly the media is recognising that.

What was your first fashion shoot? 

I was lucky in the sense that while i was still in college i came to london a couple of days a week and shot for ecomm brands, and once i moved to london i began shooting more editorial. 

What do you love most about being a model? 

I’ve discovered some very remote and random places while travelling that I definitely wouldn’t have otherwise.

What do you most hate about being a model? 

The assumption that we’re all thick. 90% of models i know are extremely well educated and have either finished their studies or are continuously doing bits on the side. 

How do people react when they find out you are a model? I try avoid telling new people what i do if i can as there is always a strange reaction, people either think you have the most glamorous job in the world or the other half think you need to ‘get a real job.’

What is the most common question you get asked as a model? 

‘Do you get to keep the clothes?’ The answer is no!

If you would start out now what would you be doing, how would you  go about // who would you work with and where would you be aiming? 

I don’t know if it would be easier coming in now or not, as you’d have to try and keep up with girls the same age when no one necessarily knows you. It is changing a lot now but i know when i was under 20 brands seemed to prefer that as you were a new fresh face, luckily now all ages seem to be more embraced. I’d probably be aiming for a fragrance, I think that’s most girls dreams, I’ve been lucky enough to have already landed one but of course i’d love to do another. 

Statistics show that only 1 in 10 of the big money jobs i.e. womenswear- beauty and perfume campaigns are shot by women. Is there just no qualified female fashion image makers out there? 

There are definitely some very talented women out there! I think it must just be more of a struggle to break through at the beginning and as a woman you almost have to prove yourself to people. It also must be harder as women are more maternal, if we want to start a family it is obviously down to us to carry said child making it more difficult to work as much the whole way through. Unfortunately companies can still see that as a ‘distraction’. 

How does it feel to be shot by a female photographer vs a male photographer — is there a difference, if so how?

Personally I don’t feel much of a difference apart from if it’s a full female team i’m more than happy to instantly prance about just in my knickers all day. If it’s a male i don’t necessarily know i’d probably be a little more reserved. 

What makes you feel comfortable in front of a camera? The team vibing together really helps, especially if you are shooting with a new photographer, there needs to be a relationship there even if it’s just a quick introduction in the morning, i’ve had a couple of photographers who barely recognise the talent when they walk in. Being put in an outfit with hair and makeup that you like helps too, you can really switch up personalities depending what the shoot direction is. 

Besides modelling what do you do? 

I do beach cleans, i dive, I am the ambassador for a whale sanctuary in Iceland that i was very lucky to go and do a shoot with a few months ago that was put in Vogue, where we showed that there is now another option for animals in captivity. 

One says it takes 10’000 hours to become a master of a craft, how long in hours/days/years did it take you to feel like a master of a craft?     

I got a little too comfortable shooting ecomm brands for a year or two that when my agent told me we should focus on something else to propell my career i realised i only knew these robotic commercial moves, editorial modelling is a whole different ball game and after 7 years of modelling i’m still learning each shoot, so although i’m very comfortable in front of a camera, you are only as good as your last shoot, so i am always perfecting my craft!

Who is your female fashion image maker icon and who is your the one to watch? 

Cass Bird and Zoe Grossman

Who is your female designer icon and who is your the one to watch? 

Stella Mccartney with her sustainable range and Lana from Orse und Iris.

What do say about the charge that all fashion imagery is predominantly sexist? 

I agree to some extent, but as long as the model feels comfortable, powerful and good shooting it, and as it sells it kind of just shows to me that women run the world, no? 

There is a big surge of feminism at the moment - do you think that will affect fashion image making? 

I think creative women will get taken more seriously and given more chances to break through in the fashion world.

When I look at your work as a model, one of my favourite images is the one by Fernando Gomez. What is yours? 

My Vogue Paris shoot with Claudia Knoepfel, the concept was based on a musician at Glastonbury back in the day, and i felt super comfortable with that kind of hair and look. 

What was your relation to design/fashion prior to modeling? Has it changed? 

Ha, i had zero relation and i still kinda don’t. I’m a bit of a tom boy / Princess Diana post divorce type gal in old baggy sweats and I don’t like buying new things anymore. I have an appreciation for vintage designer bags and that’s the only thing i like that’s relatively expensive. 

What qualities do you value in an agent or booker? 

That they remember you are a human, that you are on the same page when it comes to work and they are passionate about their job because your career is in their hands.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you were ever given and what advice would you have wished for earlier on in your career? 

Be patient! It’s so simple but really resonates with me. It has all paid off in the end.

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