by Lise Olsen Bjoergen

When I first was offered the opportunity to model I was asked if I would like to model in Milano. I said “yes, I’ve never been there before.” Modelling always felt like a job, my passion was to travel and see the world. 

After some time I had bought enough Kodak disposables to know it was time to invested in a film kamera and my passion for photography grew together with my passion for exploring the earth. 

Ironically and sadly film photography is not the most environmentally option and my job and all the travels was always something I felt didn’t aligning with my values for a more sustainable future. But in the pressure of life itself I found a beautiful way to escape though my images on all those flights.. in some sense it brought me back down to earth on those stressful days. 

Film has thought me to cherish the moment and take it all in, because I never know what actual will be the final product after the film is developed. Sometimes I had to wait for months before I could see the images. But when I did it was like taking the whole trip once more and return back to the emotion of gratitude for nature’s beauty. 

Lise Olsen Bjoergen

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